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Welcome to Real Time Companies

The Real Time Companies (RTCo) family of companies includes Real Time Consulting (RTC), Real Time Optical (RTO), Real Time Analytical (RTA), Real Time Environmental (RTE) and Entellum. Each of these companies is an important building block in our mission to bring you the best overall solution for your specific needs. Expertise from each member of the RTCo family of companies can be brought together to ensure your project’s specific needs are properly handled no matter how diverse your project is.

For aerospace, medical, and other mission/safety critical embedded systems, Real Time Consulting brings you expertise in DO-178C, SAE ARP 4754, IEEE 12207 and FDA regulatory processes to ensure the success of your certification effort. RTC offers complete life cycle development for systems architecture, hardware design and software. This starts by working with a client and their certification authorities, pre-certification documents, system and hardware definition and design, software architecture and decomposition, system and software testing, documentation, requirement tracing, audits, run for score, formal certification, certification artifacts and maintenance. Process training as well as model based design and MATLAB/Simulink design is part of the RTC offering that our clients have come to depend on.

Real Time Optical is your partner for all projects requiring mastery of vision and 3D technology. HUDSphere™, with its patent pending technology, is the latest project from RTO aimed at revolutionizing the approach to real time 3D visualization. This one product has over 50 applications across a myriad of fields including aviation, military, training and medical to name a few. Several other applications are also being investigated that will change the way we look at the world. These applications incorporate real time spherical data stitching in synthetic vision, a series of digital cameras or a combination of both. The digital cameras include visible light, infrared, ultraviolet or a combination of them.

When specific complex tools must be created, Real Time Analytical can handle all your needs. Our expertise includes unique tool development and test, tool qualification and tool certification. Our engineers are experts in the fields of optimized and reliable software development. Our first product, AC-Pathways™, is an example of the type of powerful and user friendly tools being developed by RTA. 2D and 3D Android tablet applications are being developed and are expected be available by the middle of 2012. The initial applications are planned for the general aviation market, with several other applications becoming available by the end of 2012.

Real Time Environmental is everything Environmental. Our first products are energy efficient brackish/grey water and desalination purifications systems. These patent pending systems use 1/3 of the energy used by conventional systems. Our Android tablet application can remotely monitor, turn the system on & off and perform routine maintenance operations. Test results show brackish water with over 1,000 ppm contamination being cleaned to just 4 ppm contamination. This can be compared to bottled drinking water, which routinely tests between 40 and 80 ppm. Initial desalination testing is underway. We anticipate similar results as the brackish/grey system. RTE expects to be in full production by the end of 2012 and is currently taking preorders.

Finally, for all custom web applications, digital media, IT outsourcing, data storage, and cloud based applications, Entellum, our Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, brings you powerful web based and IT solutions to guarantee your success. Unique solutions centered around Microsoft products like SharePoint, CRM, and SQLServer, to name a few, are the foundation for all your internal or cloud based solutions.